Bedroom Tips & Tricks for Younger Women Dating Older Men

If you are one of the many younger women seeking older men out there in the world today, know this: you are not alone! As it becomes more common to see young women dating older men, younger women are connecting with each other to share their very best tips and tricks to keep the relationship strong. Whether you’re seeking arrangement or you’re interested in a long term relationship, consider the following bedroom tips and tricks for younger women seeking older men.

Tip: Ask your partner what they are interested in for bedroom activities

Since your dating partner is older, they almost certainly have more experience than you do in the bedroom. Ask them about their preferences and what they are interested in doing, as this will make it easier to make a positive connection together.

Tip: Keep things lighthearted in the bedroom

Sometimes older men might feel awkward in the bedroom, especially if you end up having more stamina than they do or they’re tired from a long week of work. If this happens, make sure you keep things positive and lighthearted. Don’t get upset if you guys have to change your plans a bit.

Tip: Try something new to shake things up

If you feel that your bedroom life with an older man is getting boring, time to shake things up! Trying something new can be fun for both parties involved, especially older men who might have gotten a little stagnate over the years. New lingerie, a fun game, and other spicy bedroom activities can really shake things up for the better.

Tip: Don’t forget about foreplay

You don’t need to jump (literally or figuratively) right to the main event. Foreplay is important, especially with older men, so don’t forget about incorporating it into your bedroom activities as much as possible. Foreplay also helps increase intimacy and bonding outside of the bedroom, so it’s a great way to help you and your older dating partner get closer together—literally and otherwise.

Tip: Communicate about what you like

IN addition to asking your older dating partner about what they like, you will need to communicate about what you like in the bedroom. Be as open as honest as possible, as it will be your older partner’s job to help facilitate your preferences in the bedroom as well. 

Tip: Dim the lights and set the mood

It can really help to set the mood in the bedroom, and it can also make your dating partner feel special when you go out of your way to set the mood. Options for setting the mood include fire-safe candles, soft music playing in the background, and even that old cliché: rose petals spread on the bed.

Final Thoughts

Bedroom activities with an older dating partner can sometimes be difficult to navigate, but as long as you keep the above tips and tricks in mind, you will find that your bedroom evenings and nights are much more fun, relaxing and better for both parties involved.