Ditch the Misconceptions About Younger Women Dating Older Men

This is a trend that has existed for as long as humans have been entering into romantic relationships, and one that continues to exist today with equal amounts of controversy. Being in a relationship with a significant age difference has always been a source of rumors and whispering, along with people making their own judgements and assumptions, but in the end, everyone has the same desires: to love and be loved by someone who the care for deeply. In this article we’re going to take a look at some of the ways you can banish these misconceptions that people may have about a relationship between a younger woman and an older man.

1. She is with him for the money.

This is probably the most common of all these sorts of misconceptions. People like to assume that because a young woman is with a significantly older man, it’s because she is just hunting his fortune. This is a common trope that we see in the entertainment industry today, and one that still negatively affects people in our lives who may actually find themselves in such a relationship.

People should stop to consider in this case what is actually going on: these two people are simply in love with each other. Maybe their relationship is completely different than what they’ve both known in the past and that’s what has drawn them together now. Sure, he may have some money, but except in a few extraordinary cases, that is rarely why a younger woman chooses to be with an older man.

2. He is with her because he’s chasing his youth.

Another common thought when people encounter this sort of relationship is that the man is going through some sort of midlife crisis and his choosing a partner who is significantly younger than himself is a physical representation of his desire to remain “young”. Personally, I think there may be a bit of truth to do this, but not in the way that many think.

This misconception tends to get a negative spin, but what is really going on is that this younger woman has possibly revived a sense of vitality and youthfulness in her older partner. She has reminded him that though he may be older, he is certainly a long way away from death that he is very capable of living a full and fun life, and he should still be doing so. She has awakened a sense of fun in him once more.

3. Neither one of them is thinking about the future.

Many jokes will likely be made or have already been made about how the man will be close to death, and that’s just from the people who think they have a fun sense of humor. A lot of people have this thought that neither of the parties in this relationship have any regard for the future. They are so wrapped up with having fun, spending HIS money, making sure that they milk the opportunities for pleasure, that they have completely disregarded their needs in the future.

She will spend all his money and he won’t have anything to survive on as he gets older. He will die and the poor young girl will have wasted all her valuable time and youth taking care of an invalid man. All of this is simply not true. People entering into a relationship of this nature are probably very aware of this aspect as they go in and things get more serious. But for them, they have chosen to look at the fact that a quality relationship is infinitely more valuable to them than the quantity of time that they may have together. They are dedicated to each other out of strong love, and that is the concept at the forefront.

These are the top misconceptions that many people have about a relationship with a significant age difference between the man and the woman, but the truth of the matter, the fact at the root of all of this is a deceptively simple one: they are in love and they want to be together. That’s what anyone in any sort of relationship wants, actually. Being free to love the person you want to without fear of judgement from those close to you or even those on the outside. Maybe the next time you encounter someone in this position, stop yourself and give your thoughts the once over. See their relationship as one of love first, and the understanding of everything else will follow.

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