Should You Keep Your Gay Sugar Daddy a Secret from Family and Friends?

gay sugar daddy

 “Do you have a gay sugar daddy?” is not exactly a question that will come up at dinner time in most households, but the question is one that many people who use sugar baby sites find themselves wondering time and time again. Should you tell your family and friends that you have a gay sugar daddy? The answer is complex and there is no right or wrong answer which will meet everyone’s needs; if you want to help yourself decide on the answer, consider the following factors that will influence whether or not you tell family and friends about meeting a sugar daddy on sugar daddy sites.

What Do Your Friends and Family Think About Sugar Daddies?

You should first consider what your friends and family think about sugar daddy sites and people who are looking for sugar baby as a whole. Do they think it’s a bit odd, but harmless? Do they think it’s genuinely disgusting? Do they view it as a “if other people do this, it’s fine, but not when it hits close to home” sort of deal? The more you know about their views on this type of relationship, the more you can understand about whether or not revealing that you met a gay sugar daddy on sugar baby sites is a good idea or not.

How Long Have You Been Together?

If you met someone on sugar daddy sites and are considering telling family and friends about them, you will need to consider how long you have been together. A few weeks? Months? Even longer? If you are in a long-term sugar daddy relationship, it may be more prudent to tell friends and family—or at least the friends and family you trust with the information—so that they can have the answers they are likely seeking about your “friend” who always seems to be around yet isn’t in a serious relationship with you.

Can You Handle a Q&A Session?

When most people reveal that they use sugar baby sites, their family and friends will want to know all about the relationship—yes, even some of the more scandalous details. If you can handle some questions and answers from your family and friends regarding your gay sugar daddy, then you may be in a better position to reveal the truth to them; if you find that the very idea of answering any questions about your sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship is utterly appalling, then it may not be a great idea to tell them the truth.

What Does Your Sugar Daddy Think?

Before you spill the beans to any family or friend, you need to know what your gay sugar daddy thinks about the truth being out there. Do they mind other people knowing? Or would they rather the information be kept private? Naturally, if they don’t want the information spread around, then you will need to keep the information to yourself. Otherwise, consider telling friends and family that you trust.

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