How Age Gap Dating can Affect Your Family, and How to Handle It

If you are someone who prefers age gap dating, you may have already had to deal with stigma from your friends who found out you’re part of the group of younger women looking for older men to date. But age gap dating can also impact your relationship with your family, how they view you, and how they view the man you want to date. If you want to know more about how age gap dating and using sugar daddy sites could affect your family, consider the following guide on how to handle common family problems.

They Assume You’re Being Taken Advantage Of

For the most part, the reaction of your family will be to feel protective over you—after all, younger women looking for older men are at a higher risk of being taken advantage of due to their young age. If you use sugar daddy sites or age gap dating sites to find older men, they may assume that older men are taking advantage of your young age and assumed naivety to get something out of you.

The way to handle this problem is to assure your family that you specifically chose to look for an older man; if you feel comfortable, you can share the reasons why, such as maturity, more stable career, etc.

They View Sugar Daddy Dating Negatively

If your family views your age gap dating as sugar daddy style dating—whether you’ve been using sugar baby sites or not—they will probably view it negatively due to the transactional nature behind this type of dating.

The way to handle this problem is to keep the financial details away from your family as much as possible, and to keep the sugar daddy aspect of your relationship quiet and away from their prying eyes. Don’t brag about anything that’s been purchased for you and keep things on the down low.

They Wonder If Your Relationship Will Last Into the Future

Families want to see their loved ones developing “traditional” relationships, aka relationships that end more or less with white picket fences around a house in the suburbs, 2 kids, and a 1 dog. If you are using age gap dating sites, you may not be looking for that type of relationship—and that’s okay! Your family, however, will be wondering how your age gap relationship will work into the future.

The best way to handle this problem is to assure your family that your future is yours to create, even if it might not be the future they would hold. If you do plan to take your age gap dating into a more serious level, you can assure your family that your older partner is interested in cultivating something serious; if you plan to make it a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship, it’s best to keep your plans private.

It’s important to keep a level head when it comes to handling the way your family reacts to age gap dating; the more level-headed you can be, the better they will take things.